Program Title

A Comparison of Andragogy and Pedagogy


April 13, 2018, Friday


4:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.


In 1973 Malcolm Knowles' book, The Adult Learner A Neglected Species (Gulf Publishing; Houston, TX) introduced trainers and educators to the concepts of andragogy and pedagogy. Dr. Knowles' thesis, simply stated, is that the instructional methodology used in schools (from the primary grades through college and university) is not appropriate to the teaching of adults. The teaching of children (pedagogy) is based on different values, needs, and assumptions than is the teaching of adults (andragogy).


places emphasis on the imparting of information by an instructor and the absorp┬Čtion of it by learners (whether through memorization, memory aids, concept formation, or insight and understanding).


places emphasis on experiential learning and the role of the instructor as a catalyst, facilitator, and arranger of experiences. Learners are seen as self-directed and responsible for their own learning.