Basic Management Training

Workshops in this series are broken up into four categories:

Managing Your Job
Building the Team
Relating to Others
Thinking and Deciding
To Succeed as a Manager

You’ve Got to Know the Basics

Your management team dictates your overall organizational performance. They set the tone and culture for your workforce, and they hold the primary responsibility for accomplishing the necessary day-to-day tasks. All of the technical and specialized skills in the world won’t result in high performing departments or motivated direct reports. Managers must first attain key foundation skills.
The Best Management Assessment and Workshop Solution in the World

The MAP competency model was developed from several comprehensive studies of managerial effectiveness conducted at The American Management Association, IBM, AT&T, Ford Motor Company, and other organizations to identify the competencies most closely correlated with optimal managerial performance. Then we designed the world’s best management assessment, validated the results with over 100,000 managers, and created followup workshops specifically aimed at addressing critical skill areas for your most important employees.
Basic Management Development Series

Basic Management is the first grouping in a series of workshop collections that are designed to fully develop your managers. Each workshop is designed as a stand-alone workshop and can be delivered in any order. We suggest that you start your beginning managers out with the Basic Management Series and move them up the ladder to the Advanced Management Series, and then onto the Leadership Series.