Program Title

Appraising People/Performance Evaluation



January 23, 2019 (Wednesday)


9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.


AIM Conference Center Manila, Makati City

Target Participants
Entrepreneurs, Business Managers, Corporate Planners, HR Practitioners and HR staff engaged in human resources planning.
Program Objective

Most organizations have some sort of a formal system for appraising an individual's performance on a regular basis. The rationale is straightforward: in order to get employees to meet goals and standards, management must

(1)  Tell them   what is expected of them,

(2)  Judge how well they have done it, and

(3)  Take appropriate action to correct deficiencies and build on strengths.

Course Description  
In this program, managers and supervisors are given a new perspective on performance appraisal. Emphasis is placed on the positive benefits to both parties. Skills and techniques for conducting a constructive appraisal are taught.
Emphasis is on the pre-interview preparation, the interview itself, and the follow -up action plan. process, regardless of the particular form used. The program makes this point, since managers invariably find fault with the rating form or the system, and use this as an excuse for not appraising performance.

Introductory exercise which causes learners to become aware  of their biases (pro and con) toward the performance appraisal process...McGregor's critique of the process, with seven major shortcomings identified...checklist of twenty problems in administering a performance appraisal system....reasons (objectives) for conducting performance appraisals compared and contrasted: Personnel Department  boss vs. subordinate...diagnosing performance deficiencies: eight factors affecting worker procedures for analyzing performance problems...the role of the job description in the performance appraisal process:  eight  characteristics  of results-oriented job descriptions ...the case for having subordinates rate themselves prior to a performance  appraisal session examined...guidelines for giving useful, constructive feedback along with practice in phrasing various types of   feedback  ...presentation of a    performance  appraisal form couched in behavioral language   measuring twenty skills  for managing people: another twenty for managing tasks...twelve steps to follow  in conducting a constructive, results oriented performance appraisal.

Participants will receive:
1. Participant Course book
2. Certificate of Attendance
Course Investment

• Php 6, 500 +12%EVAT (per person, if payment received a week before scheduled date.)
• Php 7, 500 +12%EVAT (per person, if payment received on site)
• Php 8, 500 +12%EVAT (per person, if payment received after the training schedule)

With Lunch and Snacks

Cancellation Policy:
OMDS, Inc. reserves the right to cancel an event due to low enrollment or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable, registrants will be offered a full refund.


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