Basic Management Training
Management Development Series
Workshops in this series include:
Excellent Managers Understand Themselves and Their Surroundings
Once a manager has mastered the building blocks found in our Basic Employee Management Series the natural progression is to begin to gain a greater sense of self and situational awareness in which to exercise their new skills. Our Advanced Management Assessment Modules showcase the most trusted models of Management and Leadership Development in the industry.
Best of Class Workshops and Assessments for Advanced Management Training
These incredible workshops bring to light the preferences of your managers in the context of their everyday workplace. Managers will uncover their preferred styles in how to lead and motivate, handle conflict situations, create optimal cross-functional relationships, and act more intelligently. Managers will raise their awareness of “specific circumstances” and take into account the needs of the individuals with whom they work, and the organization for which they work.
Advanced Management Development Programs Series
Advanced Management is the second in a series of workshop collections that are designed to fully develop your managers. Each workshop is designed as a stand-alone workshop and can be delivered in any order. After completing the Basic Management Series Workshops, managers are well prepared for the Advanced Management Workshop Series. Experienced managers may skip the Basic Management Series and go directly to the Advanced Management Series.