Managing to EXCEL is a collection of 12 half-day workshops that are
broken up into four basic groups covering 12 key competencies.

Administrative Competencies
Communication Competencies
Supervisory Competencies
Cognitive Competencies

When your managers complete the video-based, MAP assessment to measure their proficiency on these 12 competencies, they compare their scores against one of the premier managerial benchmarks in the world.
The Excel workshops then provide training that specifically targets these 12 competencies determined by research conducted at AT&T, IBM, Ford, and AMA to be the most crucial to creating a strong foundation of managerial success.
MAP/EXCEL is the #1 video-based management assessment and development program in the world!

Building the Team includes the following three individual workshops:

Appraising People and Performance

To make appraisals meaningful and impactful, they must be frequent, informal, surprise free, prepared for by both parties, use two-way dialog, and be focused on performance and not personality. In this module, managers will learn to develop effective job descriptions, conduct a constructive performance appraisal, use performance-based statements rather than personality statements, prepare an action plan for subordinates, and use constructive feedback as a daily tool to shape and reinforce behavior.

Disciplining and Counseling Employees

Managers may hate to do it, but they know disciplining employees is necessary, and counseling helps improve performance. In this module, managers will learn how to distinguish among coaching, counseling, and disciplining, pinpoint behavior change areas, develop a plan of action to change undesirable behavior, develop a strategy for restoring performance, prepare for counseling sessions, and monitor and maintain performance over time.

Training, Coaching, and Delegating

Training, coaching, and delegating are the best tools that managers have available to them to build the team and achieve high productivity at both the personal and group level. In this module, managers learn to plan a training session, break large chunks of information into interactive bits, organize short training sessions, plan a delegation session, and coach subordinates for better performance.

Php 110,000 + 12% EVAT