Change Management Effectiveness

If you’re standing still, you’re losing ground.

Change is now the current state of affairs in business. Whether the change is mission level, strategic, operational, technological, or attitudinal, it’s always happening and this requires that managers be skilled as change leaders so their groups can nimbly negotiate a constantly shifting landscape.


The Change Management Effectiveness workshop enables you to empower supervisors and managers to be effective change leaders. Experiential learning and practice are used to teach how to lead change by using seven change management competencies. Participants learn to:
- Establish a work culture that embraces new methods and change without fear.
- Reduce resistance to change in themselves and others.
- Communicate effectively and involve others to mobilize support for changes.
- Re-orient others’ attitudes toward innovation and change.

The Change Management Effectiveness workshop comes with:
Instructor Guide
Participant Workbook
Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
Internal Marketing material
Pre-training job aids
Post-training job aids

Php 68,750 + 12% EVAT