Phone VOD 2
MicroLearning has the potential to transform Safety and Regulatory Compliance
training, and save companies hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in the process.

Traditional training approaches inevitably take employees away from their jobs
for up to an hour at a time, resulting in thousands of hours of lost productivity
for their companies each year. At the same time, old methods fail to meet the four
greatest challenges facing trainers today:

Getting training to employees where they are.
Giving employees access to training when they can conveniently take it.
Keeping employees engaged in their training.
Having employees retain the information that they learn.
MARCOM's MicroLearning courses do away with all of these problems.
These smartphone oriented 3 - 5 minute courses:

Let employees do their training wherever they are.
Let them take the courses when it fits into their schedule.
Keep them engaged with active, full-motion video.
Help them retain the concise, targeted nuggets of information
that they need to work safely.