DiSCStyles Workshop Workshop 

Advanced Management
Gain Insight Into Your Personality Preferences and Communicate More Effectively!
DiSC has been the industry standard for understanding behavioral styles for decades. With DiSCStyles you cantrain your employees how to leverage their knowledge of personality tendencies to dramatically enhance their ability to communicate with others at all levels.

This trainer-led workshop for managers and other professionals uses the world’s most widely-used behavioral assessment model with experiential learning and skill practice to teach participants how four primary behavioral styles influence several key work competencies.
  • Become the DiSC coach/expert in your organization.
  • Teach managers how to use DiSC information to enhance long-term motivation.
  • Provide managers and other professionals with the communication dos and don’ts.
  • Understand the ideal job culture for certain profiles.
  • Teach what each DiSCStyles profile needs for increased effectiveness.
This workshop uses the DiSCStyles assessment (either paper or online, purchased separately) to identify each participant’s Dominant, Interactive, Steady, Conscientious profile and teaches participants how to work with similar or different profiles most effectively.

The DiSCStyles workshop comes with:

  • Instructor Guide
  • Participant Workbook
  • Post-training job aids
  • Additional online resources
  • Internal Marketing material
  • Pre-training job aids
  • Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
All material is fully customizable and reproducible.
WEB-BASED and ON-SITE DELIVERY options available.

The DiSCstyles Workshop provides you with materials for both half and full-day training programs. The blended format includes video, DiSCussions, lecture, and plenty of experiential exercises designed to get your participants engaged in the learning process.
This highly successful workshop enables learners to improve mission-critical skills such as adaptability, self-control, and building relationships, all while raising their own emotional commitment to achieve goals. The Leader’s Guide and participant materials enable a turnkey workshop experience.
  • Gain awareness of personal strengths and motivators
  • Uncover career development opportunities
  • Improve methods for interpersonal communication
  • Enhance conflict resolution ability
  • Create 360-degree feedback for your leaders
  • Build and strengthen teams
  • Improve professional relationships internally and externally
DiSCStyles Workshop
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