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Applied Transactional Analysis



January 21, 2019 (Monday)


9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.


AIM Conference Center Manila, Makati City

Course Description

The ability to analyze communications that occur between individuals when they are on the job is important to the effective operation of a company. This can be done through the use of a system of Transactional Analysis, whose basic concepts and skills can be applied in any organizational setting. Those techniques which are especially results-oriented will be examined.

Our acceptance of the viewpoints of one another - lack of acceptance - strongly influences our effectiveness in our work environment, and thus the productivity and morale of the workforce. In our day-to-day meetings encounter the viewpoints of others, which we can handle in an objective manner, making for an exchange of ideas and viewpoints; or we can be uncompromising in our attitudes, narrowing our perspective of issues and of other people. Transactional analysis is a proven set of concepts that can help anyone whose job requires frequent interaction with others, by preparing them to (a) identify and deal effectively with the ego states of other persons, and (b) recognize and avoid being ensnarled by the games people play.

Course Content 

Life Concepts three ego states (Parent, Adult, Child)  basic needs, and characteristics
Transaction types
Analysis of a variety of transactions
Basic life positions based Dr. Tom Harris, "Im OK, You're OK"...
Conveying good and bad feelings, or "strokes"..
Games people play...
Guidelines  for stopping games
Parent roles, nurturing and  critical...
Child roles, natural and adapted...
TA states and managerial style (relating Parent and Adult Roles to Theory X and Theory Y).
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2. Certificate of Attendance
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Php 6, 500 +12%EVAT (per person, if payment received a week before scheduled date.)
Php 7, 500 +12%EVAT (per person, if payment received on site)
Php 8, 500 +12%EVAT (per person, if payment received after the training schedule)
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