Ethical Type Indicator Workshop

Foster healthier climate, happier customers, and steer clear of costly violations!


The Ethical Type Indicator workshop for leaders addresses the problems of ethical principles or organization policies that are often far too general to provide meaningful guidance. By using experiential learning and practice to review their own ethical decision making patterns, individuals learn to categorize those decisions within a specific ethics framework.
This process makes it possible for managers to explore and understand different ethical foundations while being able to objectively assess the strengths and weaknesses of their own ethical decision making pattern.
Their primary ethical decision making preferences. To take a more reasoned approach to ethical dilemmas in the future. To use specific steps to consider, confront, and resolve ethical dilemmas.

The Ethical Type Indicator workshop comes with:
Instructor Guide
Participant Workbook
Post-training job aids
Internal Marketing material
Pre-training job aids
PowerPoint Presentation

Php 68,750 + 12% EVAT