Emotional Intelligence Style Workshop

Emotional Intelligence is the critical factor that sets high performers apart from their average counterparts.
While IQ and Personality are fundamentally fixed measures, Emotional Intelligence (EI) can be learned and improved. No organization can afford to overlook this source for significant performance improvement.

This trainer-led workshop for managers and supervisors teaches the special advantages of using a wider range of emotional intelligence styles in managing others, working with teams, customer service, and project management. Virtually any work-related area that involves interaction with others can benefit from improved EI.

Learning Emotional Intelligence starts by understanding different emotional intelligence styles and the work-related areas where those styles deploy most effectively. This workshop will:
  • Keep direct reports motivated with better conflict resolution techniques and by empathizing with others’ perspectives.
  • Show where it is imperative to focus on facts and methods with poise while including the ideas, and understanding the feelings of others.
  • Illustrate the value of the big picture to influence others and use this view to consider novel solutions and options.
  • Teach the action-oriented individual to appropriately delay judgment or a decision in order to take a considered approach to several alternatives.

  The Emotional Intelligence Style workshop comes with:

  • Instructor Guide
  • Participant Workbook
  • Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
  • Internal Marketing material
  • Pre-training job aids
  • Post-training job aids
All material is fully customizable and reproducible.
WEB-BASED and ON-SITE DELIVERY options available.

This workshop uses the Emotional Intelligence Style Profile assessment (either paper or online, purchased separately) to identify participants’ style preferences and identify their Emotional Intelligence strengths, blind spots, and development opportunities.
This highly successful workshop enables learners to improve mission-critical skills such as adaptability, self-control, and building relationships, all while raising their own emotional commitment to achieve goals. The Leader’s Guide and participant materials enable a turnkey workshop experience.
  • Development of Emotional Intelligence is often the key to realizing the potential of under performing but high-potential individuals.
  • Emotional Intelligence is a foundational, enabling skill that releases managers and other professionals to better utilize other, more specific social/interpersonal competencies.
  • Trainers will appreciate the ease of facilitating the interpretation of the online assessment report.
  • Improving Emotional Intelligence enables more focused energy to be directed toward goals and objectives.
Emotional Intelligence Style Workshop
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