Program Title

Frontline Service™



June 26, 2018 Tuesday


9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.


AIM Conference Center Manila, Makati City


This program will help you to convey the attitude and techniques that are essential to creating speed – giving you practical tips on how to increase and maintain speed, and to achieve the objectives on and off the job.

What is Speed?

• Defining Speed
• How fast is Speed?
• Why Speed is Important?
Barriers to Speed
• What is a Barrier?
• Internal Barriers
• Mindset and Attitude
• Follow - Through
• Accountability
• Empowerment
• External Barriers
• Policies and Procedures
• Systems and Technology
• Who Don’t Support Speed
Speed Mindset
• The Right Mindset
• Creating a Mindset for Speed
• Procrastination
• Benefits of the Speed Mindset
• What is True Empowerment
• Does True Empowerment Exist in Your Organization
• Who is Empowered?
• The Benefits of Empowerment
Policies, Procedures, and Systems
• How Policies, Procedures, and Systems Can interfere with Speed
• How Policies, Procedures, and Systems Support Speed
Techniques and Tools
• The Speed Technique
• Organize
• Prioritize
• Manage Your Time
• Recognize Efficiency Opportunities
• Limit Distractions
• Communicate
• Keep Your Promises and Over Deliver
• Ensuring Quality
• Ways to Maintain Quality
Keep Promises and Over-Deliver
• Speed Models
• Internet Service Provider
• Banking
• Shipping
• Airline Restaurant
In Conclusion

SPEED means to get things done quickly. SPEED means do it fast, do it now, and do it right. SPEED will help you complete a task quicker than you thought possible by controlling your pace eliminating barriers to SPEED.

We will help you create a SPEED mindset. If you’re focused on SPEED, you will think, act, and work with SPEED in mind. To many, slow is easier and less work.

SPEED hinges on empowered employees like yourself – making empowered decisions. Policies that limit SPEED are policies that eliminate SPEED. An organization that strongly emphasizes SPEED saves time and money and also simultaneously increases revenue. SPEED can generate dramatic growth, which will separate your company from the competition.

SPEED benefits you too. SPEED begins with you, the individual. An employee who emphasizes SPEED in every task improves his/her standing within the organization. SPEED creates opportunities for promotions and the potential for an increase in income. SPEED shines a spotlight on your work ethic and your abilities. A Strong skill set built around SPEED sets you apart and positions you as a leader or mentor within your organization.

Once you embrace SPEED, you may find yourself being assigned new, more important tasks or managing others within your organization. SPEED demonstrates your dependability to management.

Use SPEED to Wow the customer and your management team. Master the SPEED mindset.
Participants will receive:

1. Participant Course book
2. Certificate of Attendance

Course Investment

• Php 6, 500 +12%EVAT (per person, if payment received a week before scheduled date.)
• Php 7, 500 +12%EVAT (per person, if payment received on site)
• Php 8, 500 +12%EVAT (per person, if payment received after the training schedule)

With Lunch and Snacks


Cancellation Policy:
OMDS, Inc. reserves the right to cancel an event due to low enrollment or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable, registrants will be offered a full refund.