Influence Style Workshop

Influence Style proficiency may out-rank position power in the future organization!

Holding a high “rank” no longer means you’re in charge. The old rules of position power do not apply in this team-oriented, highly collaborative work environment. For managers, this means that their effectiveness will be determined not by a hierarchy, but by how successfully they can influence others.


This instructor-led workshop for managers and other professionals uses experiential learning and practice to enable managers and supervisors to lead and communicate collaboratively with more effectiveness and less reliance on purely autocratic methods. The workshop examines several views on influencing styles/skills prior to participants learning about their Influence Style Clock predispositions.
Participants will learn to:

Motivate others by representing a desired course of action with more compelling logic, feelings, energy, and commitment. Be more effective change agents by understanding and using the influencing style that complements a given change initiative. Understand their own influencing style predisposition so they can use it as a strength and at the same time fill in the gaps with other influence styles to complete their ability to influence effectively.

The Influence Style Clock workshop comes with:
Instructor Guide
Participant Workbook
Post-training job aids
Internal Marketing material
Pre-training job aids
PowerPoint Presentation

Php 68,750 + 12% EVAT