Writing Job Description/Job Analysis,
Evaluation and Classification/Job Pricing 


Writing Job Description

1. Role of Job Description

2. Preparations Must

3. The Approval Process

4. Enumerate Formats

5. Job Analysis, Job Specifications

6. Writing Guidelines and Style

7. Alternative Managerial Program


Job Analysis, Evaluation and Classification

1. Job Analysis What it is When to analyze

2. Uses of Job Analysis

3. Preparation Steps for JA

4. Methods and Techniques

5. Processes involved in Job Evaluation

6. Distinguish qualitative versus quantitative evaluation

7. Evaluating the Evaluation System

8. Maintaining the JE Program


Job Pricing

> Internal and external equity of pay

> Compression and distortion

> Compensation survey

> Professionally prepared survey

> How to conduct own survey

> Analyze Survey Data

> How to interpret and use the survey data

> Establishing base pay structure