The Importance of a Competency-Based System
Competencies typically only include behaviors that demonstrate effective or superior performance . Therefore, they do not include specific knowledge, but do include "learned" or practical experience, or the behavioral application of knowledge that produces a successful result. Competencies are not specific skills, but rather the application of skills that produces a successful result. This is illustrated by the diagram. This is illustrated by the diagram. This model is important because it provides a road map for the range of behaviors that produce excellent performance. It helps:

    organizations to "raise the bar" of performance expectations;

    individuals and teams to align their behavior with key organizational strategies; and 

    each individual to understand how to achieve expectations

Customizable and Reproducible
Janus is the best off- the shelf Performance Management System available!
 Janus is a fully integrated suite of materials that provides a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to Performance Management for both appraisers and appraises. Whether you're designing a performance management or appraisal system or reworking or adding to an existing one, Janus will save you time and money.
3 Power-packed binders with CD's  include:                                        
  • Paper-based materials include all materials on pdf, for easy customization and printing.
  • 10 complete, reproducible training modules
  • Behavioral questions for 36 competencies
  • Over 200 pages of one-on-one coaching material for 36 competencies
  • 30 ready-to-use forms and templates
  • 6 reproducible booklets covering Performance Progress, Performance Discussion, Performance Development, and Career Planning
  • Sample appraisals for top-level, good, and poor performers for the following job classes: Clerical, Service/Sales, HR/Training 
The Janus Performance Management System is divided into three major parts:
Volume/Part One
This volume provides a navigational guide to the whole Janus process, and explains how Janus can be tailored to match individual needs by developing the competencies that are most relevant to a particular individual. Seven training modules are included:
  • Introduction to the Performance Management System
  • Taking the Performance Initiative
  • Setting Performance Goals and Objectives
  • Giving and Receiving Performance Feedback
  • Coaching for Performance Excellence
  • Conducting a Performance Update Discussion
  • Handling Unacceptable Performance
Also included:
  • The Performance Progress Update Discussion: Manager and Employee Booklet.
Volume/Part Two
Performance management systems have two major goals: 1) Help individuals to achieve specific objectives in order to be successful in their organizational role and to develop their skills and abilities at a personal and/or professional level; 2) Meeting not only short-term but long-term development goals over a whole career for an individual.
Janus provides a comprehensive, step-by-step planning design to help manage this process effectively. Janus not only provides a suite of goal setting and appraisal forms and templates to help this action planning process, but also helps to ensure that all written documents are in plain language, complete, comprehensive, and easy-to-use. Three training modules are included:
  • Conducting an End of Cycle Performance Appraisal
  • Career Planning and Development
  • Performance Action Planning
 Includes model evaluations for top-level, good, and poor-performers for the following job classes
  • Clerical
  • Services/Sales
  • HR/Training
  • Technical 
  • Management
Also included:
  • Career Planning and Development: Manager and Employee Action Planning
  • Prior to the Performance Discussion: Manager Booklet
  • Prior to the Performance Discussion: Employee Booklet
  • The Performance Development Discussion: Instruction and Action Plan
Volume/Part Three
Janus is designed around a core set of thirty-six generic competencies that apply - to some extend - to all job roles. Managers and individuals select up to ten of these competencies based on their particular job role. This functions as a personalized performance management system. One training module is included:
  • Performance Competencies
Also included:
  • Template for conducting paper-based self, 180-degree, or 360-degree assessments
  • 216 behavioral questions-six per competency
  • 216 pages of coaching recommendations-six per competency