Managing to EXCEL is a collection of 12 half-day workshops that are
broken up into four basic groups covering 12 key competencies.

Administrative Competencies
Communication Competencies
Supervisory Competencies
Cognitive Competencies

When your managers complete the video-based, MAP assessment to measure their proficiency on these 12 competencies, they compare their scores against one of the premier managerial benchmarks in the world.
The Excel workshops then provide training that specifically targets these 12 competencies determined by research conducted at AT&T, IBM, Ford, and AMA to be the most crucial to creating a strong foundation of managerial success.
MAP/EXCEL is the #1 video-based management assessment and development program in the world!

The Managing Your Job workshop comes with:

Time Management and Prioritizing
Time is a vital resource for managers. Time is the one commodity that cannot be stored or saved for a rainy day. Managers must learn how to control both their time and the time of their direct reports in order to be most effective and productive. This module will help teach your managers to develop to-do lists, prioritize activities, control telephone time, reduce disruptions, save time, and manage their time effectively and efficiently.
Setting Goals and Standards

In order to achieve corporate objectives, managers must first set goals and standards and achieve buy-in from their direct reports. This module will help teach your managers critical goal setting skills including how to build buy-in for goals, how to develop standards, overcome resistance, and prioritize goals.
Planning and Scheduling Work

Managers spend most of their time juggling a variety of activities but effective managers know that in order to maximize performance, they need to plan and schedule work accordingly. These skills allow managers to be proactive in achieving their goals on a timely basis. This module teaches effective planning and organizing for teams and individuals, basic planning techniques like analyzing work-flow, and preparing Gantt and PERT charts.

EXCEL workshops come with:

- Instructor Guide
- Participant Workbook
- Post-training job aids
- Video
- Internal Marketing material
- Pre-training job aids
- PowerPoint Presentation

Php 110,000 + 12% EVAT