Program Title

Emotional Intelligence


March 12, 2020 (Thursday)


9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.


HR/OD Center Unit 802 Medical Plaza Ortigas Bldg. San Miguel Ave. Ortigas Center Pasig City

Course Outline

Grounded in the work of modern day psychology and neuro-science, this workshop will introduce four emotional intelligence styles that people are likely to adopt in varying degrees in dealing with life in general and other people in particular. By learning what contribution each of these style types makes, we can start to recognise that style versatility is likely to lead to the most beneficial outcome in most cases (and that 'high' levels of emotional intelligence is based upon perceiving the world in this 'rounded' way, as often as we can).

This workshop will utilise a four-step continuous learning process.  The first of these is to understand the concept of emotional intelligence. Secondly, we learn how to recognise or manage our own feelings, before we assess how to read particular circumstances (and the emotions of ourselves and other people). Lastly, we look at how we review the application of our skills, experience or behaviours in order to learn how to be more 'emotionally intelligent' and look to improve in the future.

Course Aims

By participating in this workshop, individuals will be able - to:

1. Identify the four stages of  the effective emotional intelligence continuous learning cycle.

2. Identify and interpret the significant emotions of yourself and others.

3. Recognize the difference between emotional traits and states and their impact on people's behavior and action.

4. Appropriately select and apply all four emotional intelligence styles.

5. Enhance your ability to effectively manage and better control emotions in a range of different situations.

6. Demonstrate how a more 'rounded' use of emotional intelligence can improve competency in a range of specific areas.

Program Content

The range of your emotions
The links between feelings and behaviour
Your own strengths and limitations
Different emotional intelligence styles
Self control and adaptability
Personal accountability and commitment
Your emphasis on being open vs systems minded
Your emphasis on feelings vs facts focus
Your personal responses and reactions
Emotional intelligent competencies
The potential to adopt different styles
Participants will receive:
1. Participant Course book
2. Certificate of Attendance
Course Investment
  • Php 5, 000 +12%EVAT (per person, if payment received a week before scheduled date.)
  • Php 6, 000 +12%EVAT (per person, if payment received on site)

With Lunch and Snacks
Cancellation Policy:
OMDS, Inc. reserves the right to cancel an event due to low enrollment or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable, registrants will be offered a full refund.