Program Title

Personal Style Assessment


April 16, 2018, Monday


4:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.


Carl Jung’s research into behavior patterns led to his publication in 1920 of Psychological Types, which introduced the world to four basic ways of dealing with situations and people. At birth all of us were dealt cards in all four suits: sensor, intuitor, thinker, and feeler. And between our inherited characteristics and the influence of our early environment, Jung asserted that our personal style was fairly well established by the time we entered the primary grades.
Some of us were born with roughly equal strength in all four suits ... what might be called a ‘no trump” hand. This means that you are flexible, adaptable, comfortable in a variety of situations, liked by a wide range of people, and able to lend a stabilizing influence to persons and groups you work with. 've been taught.