Psychological Type Indicator

Does Preference influence Competence? Excellence, Competence, Natural Ability—these are the qualities we look for, and expect, in leaders. The Psychological Type Indicator tells business people what their inherent preferences are, using the same world renowned classification system as the Myers-Briggs Type assessment.


This trainer-led workshop uses experiential learning and practice to teach leaders how the four primary Jungian personality characteristics interact together to create 16 personality types that exhibit consistent patterns of thinking, decision making, communicating, priority setting, career choices, and how they deal with conflict and stress. These are the same 16 types as in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Managers who take this workshop will:

Understand the 16 different personality types and their own dominant behavior type.
Learn the psychological underpinnings of problem areas they may have experienced. This new perspective can unlock new solutions.
Gain insight into “style” areas they may have been neglected.
Gain a new understanding of how and why they react in certain ways under stress, providing them with new ways to act with more control and poise.

The Psychological Type Indicator workshop comes with:
Instructor Guide
Participant Workbook
Post-training job aids
Technical Guide
Internal Marketing material
Pre-training job aids
PowerPoint Presentation
16 Type Booklets (one for each type)

Php 68,750 + 12% EVAT