Managing to EXCEL is a collection of 12 half-day workshops that are
broken up into four basic groups covering 12 key competencies.

Administrative Competencies
Communication Competencies
Supervisory Competencies
Cognitive Competencies

When your managers complete the video-based, MAP assessment to measure their proficiency on these 12 competencies, they compare their scores against one of the premier managerial benchmarks in the world.
The Excel workshops then provide training that specifically targets these 12 competencies determined by research conducted at AT&T, IBM, Ford, and AMA to be the most crucial to creating a strong foundation of managerial success.
MAP/EXCEL is the #1 video-based management assessment and development program in the world!

Relating to Others includes the following three individual workshops:

Giving Clear Information
Managers are expected to communicate clearly, concisely, and convincingly. Learning a process for giving clear information moves both parties toward a desired outcome. In this module, managers will learn to apply the ABC’s of interpersonal communication, plan an interaction, organize an effective message, evaluate communication skills, and rewrite a message to accomplish its objective.
Getting Unbiased Information

Quality decision making requires access to unbiased input. Use too many direct questions and your information received will be biased; use too many indirect questions and you do not get the information that you need. Managers need to learn a variety of questioning techniques in order to get unbiased information. In this module, managers will learn to recognize inadequate responses and probe for additional information.
Listening and Organizing

Most managers get their information by listening to others. In this module, managers will understand and practice both active and passive listening. Participants will learn to listen for intent as well as content, provide feedback to confirm understanding, evaluate messages, organize complex messages for retention, and eliminate listening barriers.

EXCEL workshops come with:

- Instructor Guide
- Participant Workbook
- Post-training job aids
- Video
- Internal Marketing material
- Pre-training job aids
- PowerPoint Presentation

Php 110,000 + 12% EVAT