Strategic Leadership Workshop

Finally, a viable alternative to Situational Leadership!
Develop managers to become expert at determining the specific needs of their direct reports, and respond in ways that best support those employees as they strive to achieve goals. Building these critical problem solving skills shows managers that being the “boss” means understanding their own stylistic preferences, and how to effectively change styles based on the circumstances they are facing.

The Strategic Leadership Workshop is the new standard of the popular “Quadrant Leadership” training programs that meet this need.
  • Rapidly assess capability and motivation of direct reports
  • Take action using the most appropriate management technique
                     – Delegating
                     – Coaching
                     – Relating
                     – Instructing
  • Develop direct reports to perform autonomously with higher levels of performance
If you have felt locked out of Hersey/Blanchard’s Situational Leadership by cumbersome certification requirements and costly required purchases, then The Strategic Leadership Workshop is your powerful alternative solution.
The Strategic Leadership Type Indicator Workshop is a complete management development program and leadership strategy — all rolled into one. Use Strategic Leadership to bring consistency to how people and performance are managed across your organization.

The Strategic Leadership Type Indicator Workshop comes with:

  • Instructor Guide
  • Participant Guide
  • 18 minute DVD with DVD
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Strategy Selector Instrument
  • Internal marketing material
  • Pre-training job aids
  • Post-training job aids
All material is fully customizable and reproducible.
WEB-BASED and ON-SITE DELIVERY options available.

Use the SLTi Assessment (purchased separately) as a required pre-training activity to identify participants’ style preferences and describe their task and relationship management strengths, blind-spots, and development opportunities. Use of the assessment allows managers to determine the best style/strategy for their direct reports.
  • Share a consistent management strategy for all your supervisors and managers.
  • Move all employees to a higher performing, more autonomous level.
  • Enable “micro managers” to release control without risk that performance will falter.
  • Free managers to focus on the big picture and empower their direct reports.
  • Utilize the leadership model popularized in Situational Leadership – at a fraction of the cost and hassle.
Strategic Leadership Workshop
"Your one-time site license payment allows you unlimited customization and reproduction rights."
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