Managing to EXCEL is a collection of 12 half-day workshops that are
broken up into four basic groups covering 12 key competencies.

Administrative Competencies
Communication Competencies
Supervisory Competencies
Cognitive Competencies

When your managers complete the video-based, MAP assessment to measure their proficiency on these 12 competencies, they compare their scores against one of the premier managerial benchmarks in the world.
The Excel workshops then provide training that specifically targets these 12 competencies determined by research conducted at AT&T, IBM, Ford, and AMA to be the most crucial to creating a strong foundation of managerial success.
MAP/EXCEL is the #1 video-based management assessment and development program in the world!
Thinking and Deciding includes the following three individual workshops:

Identifying and Solving Problems
Although managers are expected to solve problems promptly and wisely, most managers have never been taught problem solving skills. This module is designed to build the problem solving skills that will help your managers identify and systematically eliminate barriers that stand between them and their objectives. Managers will learn to identify problems, set objectives, develop alternate plans of action, and evaluate and select the best plan of action.

Making Decisions and Weighing Risks

Every day your managers make a nearly automated set of decisions. However, for more important decisions, managers need critical decision-making skills to specify the desired outcomes, determine criteria, select and evaluate alternatives, assess risk, and develop an implementation plan. In this module, your managers will learn how to define the situation, state the objectives, generate and evaluate options, perform risk analysis, and implement and monitor results.

Thinking Clearly and Analytically

Thinking managers are effective managers, yet very few courses deal with thinking clearly and analytically. In this module, your managers will learn to recognize personal bias in their thinking, use inductive and deductive thought processes, identify and correct faulty thinking and logic, analyze how others think, generate lists of advantages and disadvantages before taking a stand-in short, they will learn a process for thinking analytically.

Php 110,000 + 12% EVAT