Our Company

For over 20 years Organization Management and Development Systems, Inc. has
been serving customers by providing human resources development training,
products,services and systems.

We are a full business consulting company that provides training, trainer
resources ,education, management consultation and applicant processing systems.

These services provide positive impact on our clients' productivity and profits.
It is dedicated in helping organizations improve performance by increasing the competencies of
individuals to work effectively and productively at all levels of the organization.

To date, it has evolved to an internationally associated consulting firm.
1. Associate in the Philippines of Training House, Inc. Princeton, NJ USA. since 1992, a member organization
of the HRD Performance and Technology Group (HRD PTG) a division of HRD Press, Amherst MA USA.
OMDS Inc. is a licensee of various HRD programs viz; Training Courses, Assessments, Videos and Books.

2. Associate organization of Service Quality Institute (SQI) Minneapolis, MN USA, since 1994 a publishing and
consulting firm. SQI distributes through OMDS, Inc. programs in achieving excellence through customer service.
OMDS Inc is a licensee of various customer service programs viz; Training Courses, Videos and Books.

3. Associate organization of MARCOM LTD USA, publisher of safety training programs since 1998. MARCOM
distributes through OMDS, Inc. its various safety training materials, videos, workbooks and posters.

Casto "Galo" Ignacio, RPsy

President, OMDS Inc.
"Changing minds, minding changes"