Our goal is to continuously develop our network of resource consultants and
simultaneously enhance professional practice in the field of training and
development with our various clients.

HR/OD Associates Group

The HR/OD Associates Group, a divi­sion of OMDS, Inc., is dedicated to building
the team of independent, small practice soft skills consultants. As a partner, we
help you build your profession as a consultant in every step of the way.

Our goal is to help you build your professional practice from the earliest stages
of finding clients through fulfillment of services & maintaining client relationships.

We do not prevent you from joining other networks. That's your choice not ours. We
feel the best way to learn your loyalty is to simply provide you the best products
and services in the industry packaged for you in a way that you can use right away.
We feel that we have found the perfect balance between supplying you with all the
materials and support services, you need while giving you the flexibility to
customize it, so you can provide superior performance to your clients. When your
professional practice grows, our business grows. It is truly a win-win-win situation.

Along with having staff & resources dedicated solely to supporting our team of
consultants, you will have instant support of products including books, training
courses, print assessments, online assessments,training aids, work­books, and
videos- covering over 50 subject areas like: Leadership, Management, Team
Building,Coaching, Conflict Resolution and more.