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in helpingorganizations improve performance by increasing the competencies of individuals to work
effectively and productively at all levels of the organization.

• Provide solutions to developing human capital in organizations.

• Give you easy, cost-effective learning packages

• Total Applicant Processing Systems

• Install Complete Management Development Systems.

• Help you achieve the results you desire by engaging and motivating your learners

• Produce cost savings through licensed coursewares

• Our strategy is to deliver the best quality HRD systems and solutions towards
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the human capital.

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Training solutions,hiring solutions, training, consulting, and custom
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What we do

We work in partnership with you in installing, customizing (where appropriate), delivering, and
measuring the success of our high-impact instructional systems within your organization. Let’s
agree on what is meant by the “systems approach”. By this we mean a series of interdependent
activities that must work in harmony to achieve predetermined performance goals. The activities
in a system fall into five stages, as illustrated below:

Now let’s apply this model to an instructional system. Here are the questions that must be
addressed at each of the five stages:

• GOALS - What are the organization’s objectives, goals, and standards? How can the course
contribute in measurable ways to achieving these? How can the effectiveness of the training
be measured?

• INPUT - What “logistics” decisions must be made (who should attend, when, where, etc.)? What
knowledge, attitude, and skills does the learner need to be able to meet the objectives,
goals, and standards?

• PROCESS - How can the instruction be delivered most effectively? What methods and media need
to be part of the design? What is our partnership role in working with your instructors and

• OUTPUT - What are the desired outcomes? How will Action Plans be tracked? Do outputs reflect
performance at work and not merely on paper and-pencil tests? How will new behavior be
maintained back on the job?

• FEEDBACK - What follow-up exists? What kind of feedback will tell us if performance has
improved in the ways we specified, or if adjustments to the system need to be made? How can
we prepare the participant’s manager to recognize and reinforce the desired performance?

The systems approach requires a series of activities. Each one sounds easy enough. But more
often than not, breakdowns occur. Typically, a number of reasons, barriers, or constraints
exist that prevent an instructional system from having its full impact…on participants and
on the organization. We examine the more common ones with you in the implementation of our